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Unsealing is very literate the city of details, and place is not only rife scenery, also can a few people prefer eating cate. Take play a side for, although play a side,the famousest is Lanzhou plays a side, but unseal pull a face to be able to say to have a characteristic exceedingly on the style, flavour also is extraordinary, get the jubilation of people. So, unseal what is the way that plays a side?

Unseal what is the way that plays a side?

Unseal the way that plays a side:

One, raw material:

Pink of essence of life 10 jins, salt 2 to 29, alkaline 2 money.

2, the method that make:

1. flour is put in the basin, differ alkaline face, salt and water basis seasonally, dosage of proper increase and decrease, fall into the face, mix face piece, reoccupy Li water all the time the face? ? muscle is soft good dish, good pull till.

Unseal what is the way that plays a side?

2. the face that mixes, take out 2 jins together, relapse on law case dish knead 2 minutes or so, when sending muscle to the face, two arm are extended bend partly form, leave one feet far to control; bipod nature to stand apart, one feet controls apart partly the both ends that; two tactics asks an area, make its condole moves round, two arms use equilibrium, make the face shakes up and down; shakes up face to face when be about to fall, make with muscle extent nature twists energetically; at the same time the face on end gives left hand, carry the lower end that makes the right hand holds a range up a bit, operate repeatedly according to above pose, until soft hard when even, degree of finish is consistent, can go out.

Unseal what is the way that plays a side?

3. leaves method: Will dish good side is put on chopping board, clutch goes both ends, scatter on dry face, two tactics is pulling the both ends of the face at the same time, xiang Huaili draws close stretchy, when closing, immediately gives the face head of the right hand left hand, approach extends those who enter a circle into middle finger of hemicycle; right hand among, instigate; of other one aspect of the matter is rapid right extend of towards the left, pull the noodle to requirement degree of finish to be become namely repeatedly so.

Can play the side with this method clement, narrow thick, wide thin, narrow thin, curtain rod, muscle face of beard of a brood of face, silk, dragon.

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