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This plants soybean food is a necessary cole drinks in a lot of other peoples, and this kind of food that eats material to be done has been tasted take made course exceeding key, especially the time that boil cooks, time grew soja to be able to lose mouthfeel, time is too short boil again not ripe, because this masters good boil to cook the time of soja exceedingly important to the mouthfeel of soja, so, how long is fresh soja boiled can edible?

Fresh soja is boiled how long can edible

The first, how long is fresh soja boiled can edible? Soya bean and water are put into boiler together small fire infusion 20 minutes. Soya bean water can control athlete’s foot, ministry of the rear foot also won’t desquamate, and the skin of crural ministry is moister and moister also, usually, use 34 days to be able to see effect continuously. Soja is adipose also have very high nutrition value, this kind adipose in contain a lot of not saturated fatty acid, be digested easily to absorb by human body. And soja is adipose and OK the absorption that prevents cholesterol, so soja to arteriosclerosis patient, it is a kind of ideal nourishment.

Fresh soja is boiled how long can edible

The 2nd, the assimilation with the prandial good to promoting fiber in residue from bean after making soya-bean milk and excrete solid trash to having decisive effect. Cellulose of complement of right amount ground, the food that can make alvine path medium increases molten, stimulative bowel path wriggles, accelerated defecate rate thereby, avoid constipation and the risk that reduce alvine cancer.

In the meantime, prandial fiber is had reduce serous cholesterol apparently, adjust gastric bowel function and function of insulin water equality.

Fresh soja is boiled how long can edible

How long is fresh soja boiled can edible? Fresh soja is rinsed repeatedly with clear water first, again bubble drinks clear water in. Next, the boiler on cold water puts soya bean, conflagration leaves boil. Water is measured cannot after much; boiler leaves, open medium baking temperature to put onion piece, ginger piece, Gan Gongjiao and dried tangerine or orange peel. After going up 15 minutes too, in putting in old bittern; to leave all the time again small fire, keep churning with the chopstick, after going out, fragrance transfers into right amount salt is mixed often smoke. Boil on 40 minutes or so all the time, after water quantitative change is little, must flip through the soja in boiler, lest paper boiler. After been boil, do not wrap condiment take, the boiler on the lid covers boil in a covered pot over a slow fire a little while, take soja nature to put cool hind, taste is better. Next, take condiment again, the word that cannot take puts soya bean into freezer cold storage.

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