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Spend in the certain herbaceous plants with big flowers in daily life pink is a kind of commonner pollen type, sunflower pink is contained among them certain microelement and a variety of yellow ketone, often the effect that edible can have health care of preserve one’s health to the body, and still can have very big gain to heart place, precautionary heart disease, and the way of sunflower pink is very simple also, labour chooses need person to also need to machine air to bask in will undertake taking.

How is sunflower pink done

The effect of pollen of certain herbaceous plants with big flowers and action

1, dilate is hemal reduce blood pressure

Rich phenol is contained in sunflower pink kind material and yellow ketone composition, after they are absorbed by human body, can promote hemal dilate, can accelerate haemal circulation, and the contractive capacity that can increase cardiac muscle, right amount at ordinary times take, can let exorbitant blood pressure fall, it is the best choice that hypertension prevents in the life.

2, raise a heart function

Rich amino acid must not be contained in sunflower pink, still contain many microelement potassium, these battalion nurturance divide OK and immediate effect the heart at the mankind, can reduce cardiac muscle to be mixed feebly cardiac muscle is feeble, and heart function drops wait for a variety of undesirable symptoms to happen, it is particularly apparent to action of human cardiac protection, it is to prevent the good health care of heart disease to taste now.

3, defer anile

At ordinary times people has white of a few sunflower more, still can absorb rich vitamin E and yellow ketone material and natural phenolic apperception to close matter, these material are natural refuse oxidation class status, can reduce what reaction oxidizes inside human body to happen, also can keep clear of the freedom of the stockpile inside the body base, can reduce freedom radical to organize cellular harm to human body, it can defer consenescence to also can prevent ill disease-resistant to raise level of human body health already.

How is sunflower pink done

4, precautionary arteriosclerosis

Rich not saturated fatty acid still is contained in sunflower pink, especially the content of the material such as oleic acid and linoleic acid and pleasant grease is higher, the metabolization that these material can promote the fatty acid inside human body and cholesterol and decompose, can bate is hemal, add hemal flexibility, the senile crowd sends high arteriosclerosis in be opposite has good precaution effect.

The effect of tea pollen and action

1, raise human body immunity force

Rich protein and amino acid and carbohydrate are contained in camellia pink, at ordinary times after people edible, can become these nutrition quickly cent is absorbed and use, can be energy of human body complement, stimulative body metabolizes, also can accelerate the refreshment with mental physical power, have very big gain to enhancing body immunity power.

2, protective heart

Camellia pink has apparent protection effect to human heart, the microelement Selenium that it contains and active are enzymatic, and biology element and microelement, copper raises part with the battalion such as magnesium, can immediate effect the heart at human body, can improve heart function, nutrient cardiac muscle, and a variety of toxin inside can cleared body, can reduce them to be harmed to human cardiac.

How is sunflower pink done

3, prevent hypertension

Have white of a few camellia more at ordinary times, still can prevent hypertension, the not saturated fatty acid that it contains and active enzymatic Dou Nengqing remove the cholesterol in blood, can reduce toxin to be in blood-vessel stockpile, can bate is hemal, increase capacity of cardiac muscle systole, also reduced hypertensive happening thereby. Additionally much at ordinary times pollen taking tea still can prevent tall blood fat and coronary heart disease, can reduce arteriosclerosis happening more.

The contraindication of tea pollen

Camellia pink nutrition is rich, have a variety of profit to human body, but at ordinary times unused moment, it also has a few brief introduction, because there is very much easy allergic part in natural pollen those, the crowd of easy allergic constitution does not suit the pink that feed bowel, appear easily otherwise the body is allergic, when having camellia white additionally, still cannot use, water develops tone, its active material will be otherwise much prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, still using the effect that also has less than answering to have later.

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