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When buying pineapple honey at ordinary times, must learn the method that choose, avoid to had been bought ripe especially unripe perhaps pineapple is sweet. When choose, want to observe color above all, more mature pineapple is sweet, its color belongs to golden color, additional its cortical should be in good condition nondestructive, also can have observation and judgement through odour, we understand pineapple honey below what kind of good.

Pineapple honey is what kind of good

The first pace, observation color

The first pace, observation color. Mature and seasonal pineapple is sweet, be golden colour and lustre commonly. If still do not have completely squashy pineapple honey, may take look of a bit viridescence. Viridescence is lubricious, it is the color with pineapple original honey. When when maturity is seasonal, size is basic and changeless, color can become golden slowly. But, this is not to say the pineapple honey that is not golden colour and lustre cannot be bought, aeruginous pineapple honey also can be bought, but be about size matured. After be being bought, put 29 days, can become mature slowly, become yellow.

Pineapple honey is what kind of good

The 2nd pace, observation is cortical

The 2nd pace, observation is cortical. The pineapple of qualitative actor is sweet, cortical be in good condition nondestructive, contain more spinous among them ” small hammer ” perhaps say ” thorn ” , this also is the cortical and special place of pineapple honey. Cortical belt nods small macula, this is normal, also be the normal phenomenon of mature pineapple honey. But, if these small macula are very much, perhaps join is black, this moment was about to take care. The attention saw black place rot not, if rotting, careful processing.

The 3rd pace, see size

The 3rd pace, see size. This measure, not be the size that says to see pineapple sweet build. The size of pineapple honey, it is to did not consult of the gender, because the size of pineapple honey is uneven, size is no problem. The size that this moment looks, it is to say to treat skin above ” hammer ” size. Still lie grow the pineapple that sends exhibition period is sweet, its are cuticular ” hammer ” , the meeting is acerber, because be a kind of growth posture. And the pineapple between autumn is sweet, its are cuticular ” hammer ” meeting comparing is inferior and harmonic conservative, a bit downier, but general ” hammer ” end has had the look of bit of atrophy. This is very important.

The 4th pace, smell odour

The 4th pace, smell odour. Matured pineapple is sweet, can have thicker sweet smell, and the crack that cuticular meeting has little, the place of fission, fragrance is more full-bodied.

Pineapple honey is what kind of good

The 5th pace, foretaste

The 5th pace, foretaste. Pare after pineapple is sweet, besides smell outside more full-bodied fragrance, can see cut part can have pineapple is sweet. Pick, the pit take out inside, OK foretaste. The flavour of foretaste, this opinions differ from each other. But, if decay inside the discovery after incision, in wanting a look, treat cautiously, stop when necessary practical.

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