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Article introduction

The rasorial flesh such as duck flesh and muscle has clear distinction character, duck flesh mouthfeel is tender slip, suit to be used fire and boil soup, cold and dressed with sause wait. Good burden can make the nurture of duck flesh qualitative get be absorptioned adequately, it is OK that first class of bean curd, beer, taro feeds capable person tie-in edible. The old person dispute in dot and home often suits duck flesh. So how to do duck flesh to just had better eat? We understand through the article below.

What does duck flesh match dish is delicious

 Duck flesh distributes what food delicious

One, duck of popular hot beer

Feed material is mixed condiment

Teal half, dry chili, Jiang Pian, garlic valve, sweet leaf, cassia bark, anise 2, caraway any of several hot spice plants of 2 root, red food 2, beer taro of 600 milliliter, fried bean curd, potato, Chinese chestnut, demon


1, first duck flesh behead, put the boil in cold water, the fishy smell dispel of duck flesh, fish out reserves

2, boiler enters oil, will big (wing, duck leg, duck head, duck palm) put oily boiler to fry sweet, then component of will other duck is put into

3, cook a process to join a few rice wine, can make duck flesh sweeter. See duck flesh is constrictive when becoming golden, join one spoon thick broad-bean sauce, fry even chromatically then again (can not use be born smoke replace)

4, ginger section, chili section, garlic valve has pared, preparation does chili, hunan dish is cut paragraph

5, duck flesh is filled after going out, remove boiler additionally to join Jiang Pian respectively, do chili, garlic valve, sweet leaf, anise

6, fry sweet hind, join potato by individual be fond of again perhaps demon taro feed capable person

7, enter duck flesh, fry entirely with all flavor make chromatically, the grease of duck flesh forces after going out, join the beer of 600 milliliter, conflagration is boiled turn small fire stew two hour

8, during can observe water is measured, cannot boil certainly worked

9, duck flesh is ripe, moisture closes quickly when working, put chili to fry moment together, asperse a few caraway paragraph can

 Duck flesh distributes what food delicious

2, tender duck of 4 happy event

Cookbook raw material

Tender duck 750 grams, the plant is oily 500 grams, pork 30 grams, scallion 10 grams, ginger 10 grams, chinese prickly ash 5 grams, anise 5 grams, cassia bark 5 grams, white sugar 20 grams, refined salt 5 grams, gourmet powder 1 gram, cooking wine 2 grams.

The method that make

1, will abluent tender duck is cleavaged by back office, duck chest is linked together, the root that use a knife stops big bone cut; pork cuts 2 centimeters man, along with duck bloats with soy be soiled 10 minutes, fish out drop is dry reserve.

2, in putting whole duck the oily bowl that has heated up, become fly into rage of duck, pork piece drop of; of palm red fish out to do oil to put arenaceous bowl again inside, pork, green paragraph, Jiang Kuai, Chinese prickly ash, anise, cassia bark is put in duck flesh above.

3, white sugar, refined salt, gourmet powder is added inside clear soup, divide evenly of cooking wine agitate enters arenaceous boiler inside, stew 2 hours to come with small fire know sth thoroughly take out, the skin places grail on bittern face, pork piece puts in the duck all around.

4, the Yu Shang inside arenaceous boiler falls to fry burn inside boiler, with condiment wet starch of reoccupy of mix up flavour ticks off thick smooth Gorgon euryale, add sesame-seed oil to drench become namely on the duck.

 Duck flesh distributes what food delicious

3, grind taro to burn duck

Cookbook raw material

Duck flesh, grind taro, garlic, ginger, green, soy, salt, gourmet powder.

The method that make

1. duck flesh abluent, stripping and slicing, duck flesh turns on the water in boil.

A few oil is put in 2. boiler, turn over the duck flesh that has boiled fry.

3. is put into wine of thick broad-bean sauce, garlic, ginger, sauce, salt and duck flesh to be fried together


4. adds water, when boiling about 20 minutes, let off grind taro.

5. boils 40 minutes (water worked almost) have pot. Tasty essence and onion are put before having pot can.

We know beer duck this dish, actually a lot of people imagine how be less than beer join together with duck flesh, but no matter what their origin is, beer duck has been a very famous dish was tasted, the practice comes out in the very detailed also citing in the article, still have the way of demon taro duck even, we also told everybody through this article duck flesh distributes what food delicious the answer of this problem

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