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Article introduction

Snakeheaded fish is a kind of commonner fish on market, and people is tasted via the dish of commonly used snakeheaded fish that make. Snakeheaded fish, because the nutrient value ratio of oneself is higher, so the price wants than general fish expensive, when undertaking buying we need the significant difference that distinguishs snakeheaded fish and other fish, can be cheated in order to prevent us by pedlar so, process of snakeheaded fish cooking is to have cultured very much. So, can what do nutrient value of the fish and contraindication have?

The nutrient value of snakeheaded fish and contraindication

One, nutrient value

Protein 18.5g is contained in flesh of every 100g snakeheaded fish, adipose 1.2g, still contain 18 kinds of amino acid, if group ammonia is acerbity, acid of ammonia of 3- methylic group, the calcium that still contains human body to need, phosphor, iron reachs a variety of vitamins. Apply to the body frail, deficiency of vital energy of disease of low albumen blood, taste, hidebound, anaemic person edible, take folk to often inspect snakeheaded fish to be precious cordial, in order to urges breast, enrich the blood. Murrel fish has dispel the wind to treat infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites, fill the effect of detumescence of water of lienal beneficial gas, benefit, the person that accordingly 3 north area often has disease of infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites of patient of puerpera, rheumatism, children looks for snakehead fish to feed, assist dietotherapy law as a kind.

The nutrient value of snakeheaded fish and contraindication

2, edible effect

1, urge breast: Snakeheaded fish is contained rich protein and all sorts of amino acid, soup of puerpera edible snakeheaded fish can supply enough protein and amino acid for airframe, the exudation that breeds for the mother provides adequate protein source, have the effect that stimulative secrete breeds.

2, improvement is anaemic: The content of element of the iron in snakeheaded fish is extremely high also, iron element is complex of human body haemoglobin one of main raw material, and protein content is very high in snakeheaded fish, with iron the element can synthesize haemoglobin together, have the effect that enrich the blood, suit anaemic crowd edible very.

3, promote restore: Snakeheaded fish contains many protein, its 25% weight are protein, this kind of high protein is absorbed taller, can have the absorptivity of 85% above, it is high-grade tonic, suit the patient edible after postpartum, operation hind and a serious illness very, stimulative physical strength restores, stimulative cut cicatrizations, this also is the main reason that common patient has snakeheaded fish boiling water.

4, remedial oedema: Snakeheaded fish is had be good at the effect of lienal benefit water, be in folk, soup of commonly used snakeheaded fish treats people all sorts of oedema. If heart disease and kidney are brought about oedema, nutritional dropsy of obstacle oedema, pregnant woman oedema, n/med beriberi.

The nutrient value of snakeheaded fish and contraindication

5, improvement is mental: What certain amount contains in snakeheaded fish is adipose, belong to not saturated fatty acid mostly, DHA is to promote mental crucial element, edible can promote an infant mental development, improve the memory decline appearance of old people, belong to one of filling head food.

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