Adolescent girl should the respect prevents vaginitis _ family to teach net of doctor of neighbor of _ of _ adjacent little sister from what

To vaginitis authority is not new, this is disease of a kind of common department of gynaecology, and in actual life can cause the element of vaginitis very much, and for the girl to adolescence, although oneself did not have sex with the opposite sex, also want to notice to prevent vaginitis. So how does adolescent girl prevent vaginitis? Should Where is wherefrom respect proceed with? Understand together.

Neighbor doctor net is bisexual

1. “ menarche ” period certain girl comes to vaginitis first when menstruation, those who stem from a girl is shy with the hazy understanding to menstruation, often be not known or carelessly period is wholesome, not clean wholesome things paper was abused in fluster, cause perineal the pollution that gets stuff of cotton of feculent bumf and sanitary pad, menstruation, the bacteria seizes the opportunity breed and intrude into, cause vaginitis. ” of menarche of this kind of “ period the main symptom expression of vaginitis is, perineal ministry has straining and calcination feeling, vaginal secretion grow in quantity, show purulent sex even small stiff kind is secreted. As a result of the excessive outside vaginal secretion, stimulated urethral opening, can appear make water is close to, make water is painful wait for a symptom.

2. Just as its name implies of vaginitis of tight pants sex, because a few girls often are worn,this kind of vaginitis is tight pants is caused. Because this kind of trousers tightens buttock of archives, bag, trousering is chemical fibber fabric close not leak, cause vaginal secretion to cannot be sent fully, of appropriate bacterium cause breed, cause vaginitis. Especially burning hot summer, the schoolgirl wears briefs of triangle of silk of silk ribbon black silk ribbon or bounce to connect pants silk socks, the vagina and vulva cover in the environment of wet frowsty much sweat long, suffer from easily suffer from this kind of vaginitis. The main symptom characteristic of vaginitis of tight pants sex is, leucorrhoea grow in quantity, the vagina and size labium itching, accompany frequent micturition, make water waits for uric road urgently to stimulate a symptom.

3. The habit after irritability vaginitis has some of girl to wash bath attacks in the vulva some of sachet, sprinkle bit of perfume, especially summer prefers such doing. Notice, the chemical part that place of sachet, perfume contains is mixed to vulva vaginal mucous membrane is excitant very big, cause allergic reaction very easily and produce vaginitis, vulvitis. Clinical foaming agent is used to reach bathing oil when going up to still behave some girl bath, these chemical material cause irritability vaginitis easily also. This kind of vaginitis with vaginal itching, the vagina and vulva mucous membrane are red give priority to disease with vaginal secretion grow in quantity.

4. Fester sex vaginitis is affected by fester sex bacterium and cause, diabetic, tuberculosis has more before the patient comes on, because ride motor or bicycle fluctuation car to produce the vagina too suddenly,tear off especially, not timely seek medical advice and infection meet with is ill. This kind of vaginitis is main the symptom is: Leucorrhoea grow in quantity, show yellow pus appearance to contain fishy, the vagina is glowing feeling or ache. Vaginal mucous membrane is seen when department of gynaecology is checked aglow, strut, have small ulcer side even.

How to prevent vaginitis to introduce here for everybody to adolescent girl, the hope can cause what wide authority grows a friend to take seriously. In the life, must teach the child to had done the precaution of this respect, only such ability make them healthy grow.

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