5 wrong action make family of _ of child sexual precocity teach net of doctor of neighbor of _ of _ adjacent little sister

The child with current very right period, very fierce, sensible, beautiful, talent is good, the feeling follows adult same, essential with respect to unlike it is a dot, people feels this is good appearance, do not know this is a kind of expression of child sexual precocity actually, actually sexual precocity is not what favour to the child, so what does the element that brings about child sexual precocity have?

1, let a child learn ” of Duan Zi of “ meat or fish with the adult

Particularly much parent has the experience that brings a child to go to work, many people have such experience: A few colleagues take a child to become ” of “ happy fruit, take a child to search happy, bad to the child’s interference. A parent says, the child that she is bringing 4 years old many went after the unit, child go to school ” of word of adult of particularly much “ , what “ comes out to mix and so on of ” of ” , “ concubinage ” , “ latch on to the rich and powerful, still learned ” of bad language of a few “ and ” of Duan Zi of “ meat or fish even, this lets the guardian especially apprehension.

  2, wear sunglasses to change a suit cruel to install to the boy

Iron a curl to the daughter, put on adult flavour again dye-in-the-wood long skirt; wears sunglasses to the son, change outfit of a suit cruel again, this is the thing that some parents love to do. Should say what health care has been tasted in advertisement only, become the parent can buy a child to try. Child nutrition doctor thinks, do not divide dispute land land to enter to the child fill, taste with health care in disorder, level of the hormone in can causing child blood rises, still can cause a child fat, bring about sexual precocity then.

3, nursery school teacher fast match ” of “ young partner

“ mom, you must buy a pair of new shoes to my daughter-in-law today. ” 3 years old of much boys raised a requirement to mom so. This mom knows through investigating ability, the teacher of child nursery school is in the class “ fast match ” ” of young partner of several pairs of “ , always take ” of “ young husband and wife at ordinary times people joking.

Look in teacher of a few nursery school, take oneself what to the child on the class jokes and do not have, but parents think this is impertinent mostly, the thing that knows because of current child is not little, let children build true friendly sentiments to concern with respect to this as a child so.

4, 34 years old of children learn to sing love song

Do not know from when to rise, TV put together form of art section purpose is much mediumer child of a kind of “ becomes a honored guest the content of ” . Compere comes with a few strange cases and performance form child of do sth over and over again. Saying is to let a child show talent, it is the child can make a spectacle of oneself better more actually.

The children in some programs dress up very much the adult is changed, child of 34 years old is imitated rock and roll star or it is music of the love song that sing love. And the movement that compere still can allow a child intentionally to do a few leer, scratch one’s head to handle appearance. The language in these recreational programs and behavior, can be regarded as by little child me-too object. Guo Jianguo of preschool education worker thinks, the “ precocity ” on child language and behavior cannot treat sth lightly. The child is the one side mirror of adult, also be one side mirror of the society, do not let a child this mirror takes an everybody adult is uncivilized and insalubrious.

5, child and adult watch adult TV together

Boy of 5 years old grew beard actually, girl tit of 6 years old already increased. Specialized subject of characteristic of sexual precocity of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine recieved two such infrequent small “ adult ” , and clinical diagnostic conclusion makes two parents amazed more the disaster that TV of ——— grow upping causes. So two children are TV confusing, often follow the parent to see play of adult TV set. Data of a statistic also confirms, child sexual precocity with annual the speed of 30% is lengthened, and this specialized subject everyday in the child of nearly 100 sexual precocity of cure, occupy about 3 watch adult TV and becoming is caused.

The child should be childlike originally, of this should carefree life, the thing that does not make these farfetched affects the child’s life, affect the child grow.

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