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The loop that the food of raw or cold food can bring about uterine blood not free, this causes algidity move sluggishly very easily, bring about classics blood too little, even dysmenorrhoea. If cause Gong Han, appear very easily infecund barren circumstance happens.

FemaleQualityEvery month wants by ” of patronage of ” of Mom of mother’s eldest sister, in menstruation, the body is in a special period, what this needs a female is special treat, caress the body condition of good menstruation, make you relaxed cast offDepartment of gynaecologyThe worry of the disease, small today make up when to sum up for everybody, look together, 12 behavior of avoid by all means of ” of female ” period.

1, violent campaign and hard physical labor

The female of period needs more rest. Force of menstruation energy, physical strength, disease-resistant is reduced somewhat, unfavorable undertake the violent campaign such as race, leap and numerous hard physical labor, lest cause lumbar sick at heart,celiac dropping, classics is measured wait too much.

2, drink coffee, strong tea

This kind of excitant drink still should avoid coffee strong tea. Menses of a lot of females can appear the unwell symptom such as nervous, be agitated, insomnia, the theine in coffee and tea can make these symptoms aggravating.

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