The sexual life between husband and wife why stand or fall – flying Hua Jiankang net

Some wives are right feel puzzled of sexual function stand or fall, so does the reason where?

Home of domestic and international sexology thinks, this and marital sexual life are harmonious closely related, also be the crux of the problem of the problem.

According to discovery of investigation and study, in married crowd, bilateral (especially the woman) average in 2 sexual life, have the person that the gender is satisfied 1 times, occupy 1.2 % only; Average in 3 sexual life, have the person that the gender is satisfied 1 times, only 20.6 % , most person professes, a certain number of second in have relatively satisfactory sexual life 1 times, already was very pretty good.

Harmony of pursuit marital sex is above criticism, but bilateral characteristic and difference occur objectively. If sexual excitement of the husband comes quickly, go quickly also, make an appointment with 2 ~ 6 minutes commonly, can achieve orgasm and ejaculate, subsequently rapid subsidise; Wife criterion excitement is slower, make an appointment with 10 ~ 30 minutes to differ normally. But duration is longer, subsidise is slow also. Marital sexual desire basically is centered on sexual organs, and the sexual desire of the wife is behaved not only go up in sexual organs, and can get satisfaction from the respect such as language, touch, hug, kiss.

Be about to make the sexual life between the couple harmonious, before entering sex, must make love first, the sex is called on medicine revulsive, main to raise bilateral sex excitement, the time that it needs, the 3 ~ of 1 / that take full course about 1 / 2, in order to shorten both difference. The husband should give more touch or wait with the language as sexual excitement, the wife also should take active and positive attitude, then uses the light that each other like and color, in order to build distinctive atmosphere, this is compared after blacking out inky one should be full of poetics picture meaning, and have hazy and mysterious feeling, have visual stimulation and the effect that arouse sexual ability more to the husband especially.

When having sex, want to consider for the other side more, especially the husband should be wife consider more, if the gender is actuation too intense, want to try to be restrained appropriately with the method such as deep breathing; The wife should understand its impulse adequately, cooperate actively. After sex passes, if the wife has not achieve orgasm, the husband can try to make up for through the means such as caress, wife of in an attempt to gets satisfaction. Disharmonious to sexual life, it is normal to should regard as, encourage each other, comfort, establish confidence. Avoid by all meansSuspicious, grouse or blame the other side, hurt feeling in case, affect sexual life quality rise.

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