8 small subtle move protect filling kidney double foot, sex has degree – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

 1, enough sleep

Enough sleep of essence of the biochemistry to enraging blood, kidney maintain having main effect. Clinical discovery, the patient of exhaustion has a lot of kidney functions to stay up late overly, excessiveFatigue, Morpheus is insufficientexperience. Accordingly, not excessive stay up late, the work and rest with good nurturance is used to, sleep early rise early, be helpful for the conserve of kidney essence.

   2, adjust food

Eat more daily a fewThe food of filling kidney, black sesame seed, Hei Mu of black is ear, for instance black the black food such as rice, black soya bean can raise kidney, waist of walnut, leek, shrimp, sheep also can riseFilling kidneyRaise the action of kidney.

   3, drink water more

Water is the source of life. Water fluid is insufficient, cause chaotic possibly to leave sluggish poisonously, the burden of aggravating kidney. Accordingly, time watering is the very important method that raise kidney.

  4, much exercise

Life depends on motion. Raise kidney correct empty through motion, it is the positive step that is worth to advocate. Raise kidney motion method: Two tactics bottom comes to rubControl is hotHind, put to the waist respectively, the palm to the skin, massage the waist up and down, to feeling having heat till. But morning and evening

 5, seasonable defecate

The uric fluid of the keep in storage in bladder reachs certain level, with respect to can exciting nerve, produce micturition reflex. Must use the toilet in time at this moment, discharge pee clean. Otherwise, the pee of stockpile can make the energy of life of water chaotic, enroach on kidney. Accordingly, when having make water, be about seasonable eduction, also be one of best methods that raise kidney.

  6, careful with medicaments

No matter Chinese traditional medicine or Western medicine, have a few side effect, some medicaments mufti can hurt kidney. Want to raise vigilance when using drug so, want to read a manual seriously, when needing to take some kind of medicaments for a long time, want to consult relevant expert.

   7, protect double base

Sufficient ministry heat preservation is a kind of method that raises kidney. Because kidney classics result is thenar,this is, and sufficient ministry gets very easily the descent of algidity. Accordingly, sufficient ministry wants special attention heat preservation, will double foot does not want to wanting barefoot to walk for a long time in damp place to air conditioning or electric fan; when sleeping.

  8, sex has degree

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