6 kinds of fruit juice permit the world of cate of _ of mom conquer vomiting during pregnancy

6 kinds of fruit juice allow mom conquer vomiting during pregnancy

2012-02-07 13:38:18

PregnantSpitting is during be pregnant in a very common phenomenon, especially before pregnancy 3 months, it is to let mom suffer torment more. Small make up designed collect delicate govern drink of fruit juice of vomiting during pregnancy effectively again, the hope can help accurate mom conquer vomiting during pregnancy.

Material of malic lemon juice: Apple, citric scale: 10: 1

Effect: Lemon has be good at the effect that lienal disappear feeds, be beneficial to pregnant Mom to install an embryo to aid pregnant, reason lemon has ” appropriate mother child ” say. The apple is sweet acerbity tastily, but stomachic, promote digest, can alleviate vomiting during pregnancy, compensatory and basic material reachs potassium and vitamin, can prevent pregnancy oedema effectively at the same time. The apple contains a lot ofcellulose, organic acid, easy stimulative intestines and stomach wriggles, constipation of prevention and cure.

Material of juice of pear of firedrake fruit snow: Scale of pear of firedrake fruit, snow: 1: 12

Effect: Firedrake fruit has distinct curative effect to cough, asthma, firedrake fruit can promote bowel bowel of peristalsis, disappear, aperient 3 effect, have rich vitamin C and prandial thread; Xue Li divides moisten the respiratory tract of irritated satisfy one’s thirst, clear lung, its nutrient value and apple are about the same. According to the analysis, the quantity containing sugar in its pulp achieves 9.3 % , the quantity that contain acid has 0.16 % only.

Material of sweet juice of grapefruit fragrant citrus: Grapefruit, fragrant citrus, honey or scale of rock candy water: 1: 20: 1

Effect: Rich new dried tangerine or orange peel is contained in grapefruit, can relieve a cough, solve bacterium of phlegmy, disease-resistant, still have in dividing intestines and stomach Mom of pregnant of evil spirit, cure the effect with inappetence, weak taste; Rich pectic, protein, calcic, phosphor, iron and vitamin B1 are contained in orange, , a variety of nutrition composition such as C, especially the content of vitamin C is highest, orange has promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, disappear feeds appetizing effect, suit pregnant edible of inchoate pregnant Mom, grapefruit still is contained can fall kind of insulin of candy, can prevent pregnancy tall blood sugar effectively.

Material of sweet juice of tomato Chinese flowering quince: Tomato, Chinese flowering quince, honey or scale of rock candy water: 5: 8: 1

Effect: Tomato contains a lot ofvitamin C, carotene, protein, microelement to wait, acid is sweet goluptious, have the effect of hairdressing fitness. Eat tomato to be able to make skin pigment ad cool-headed drop or disappear, still can use at treating the skin disease such as butterfly spot to suffer from; Papaya can manage lienal with the stomach, can treat the disease such as dyspeptic, vomiting and diarrhoea.

This fruit juice contains a lot ofmany vitamin A yuan, in A of vitamin of the translate into inside human body, can avoid the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of pregnancy calcium effectively. What contain at the same time is enzymatic kind, the metabolization that can promote pregnant Mom gestation is balanced.

Material of pineapple celery sweet juice: Pineapple, celery, honey or scale of rock candy water: 5: 1: 1

Effect: Celery nutrition is rich, have be good at lienal the effect that raises lung of stomach, embellish to relieve a cough; Pineapple fragrance is delightful, smell is sweet delicious.

This fruit juice contains a lot ofbig vitamin and iron, calcic, protein and crude fibre, can help aid digestion, be good at lienal satisfy one’s thirst, detumescence goes wet. The celery in this fruit juice contains volatile balmy oil, have special sweet smell consequently, the appetite of Mom of can promotional pregnant.

Material of hodgepodge fruit juice: Scale of apple, sweet pear, fragrant citrus, yangtao: 3: 2: 2: 6

Effect: Yangtao fruit is delicious, local color is distinctive, acid is sweet dainty, nutrition is rich. Have nourishing water of powerful body, clear hot advantage, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the effect of moisten the respiratory tract.

This fruit juice contains good dissolubility prandial fiber, it but significant cut cholesterol, stimulative heart is healthy, be clear about quickly and prevent the harmful metabolization thing that piles up inside body.

Warmth reminds: Fresh fruit juice is drunk inside 5 minutes as far as possible, otherwise fruit juice can be oxidized, nurturance of loss share camp is divided.

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