Prevent pregnancy anaemia to keep the world of cate of _ of mother baby health

Prevent pregnancy anaemia to protect mother baby health

2012-03-09 17:13:52

Anaemia can happen at any crowds, but as a result of menstruation, gravid, childbirth, lactation, use contraceptive wait for a variety of reasons, yo age woman becomes the special crowd that anaemia sends high.

Pregnant woman anaemia can grow the influence is fetally normally development and the health of next generation, easy happening premature delivery and new student be born low weight. Pregnant woman anaemia, its are fetal and hepatic the iron quantity of keep in storage is little, after the baby is born easy happening anaemic. Yo age woman, especially pregnant woman is anaemic, what affect a mother not only is healthy, easy generation is fatigue, make working ability drops then, serious still can produce anaemic sex heart disease to wait. Be short of iron sex anaemia or bring about a when pregnant puerpera dies main reason, the death of puerpera of developing country pregnant of 40% and anaemia are concerned.

Anaemia and pregnant week

Sicken rate is in anaemia of rural pregnant woman gravid 13 Zhou Qian is 26% , increase anaemic sicken rate along with pregnant week later, 37 is as high as pregnant after week 54.4% . Urban pregnant woman in pregnant sicken rate is the 13 anaemia before week 16.4% , 28 ~ achieve pregnant 37 weeks height, anaemic sicken rate is 41.4% , but pregnant 37 week hind drop for 32% , differ somewhat with the country.

The main reason that pregnant woman anaemia increases along with pregnant week is:

(1) increases along with pregnant week, haemal capacity increases, blood is relatively attenuant.

(2) is fetal grow inside the mother’s body growth increases to the need quantity of iron, maternal iron complement is relatively insufficient.

The distinct change that sicken of 37 pregnant woman of Zhou Houcheng country lead pregnant, likelihood and examination of antenatal of later period of urban pregnant woman discover anaemia gives treat and make anaemic state improvement is concerned. But the chance that rural pregnant woman gets remedial is little, rate of gravid and terminal anaemic sicken continues to increase, because this country pregnant woman must notice the complement of gravid and terminal iron element.

"Prevent pregnancy anaemia to protect mother baby health

Anaemic main therapeutics

Iron lack is anaemic main reason, because this is compensatory,iron element is the main method that corrects anaemia.

(Chalybeate of 1) food aggrandizement. The method that food aggrandizement chalybeate uses since industrialized country is long-term prevents anaemia of the sex that be short of iron. In recent years, a lot of developing countries also carry out food aggrandizement chalybeate to correct woman and children anaemia. Be had by the food of aggrandizement chalybeate flour, corn flour, soy, candy, salt. At present our country is implementing the measure that prevents anaemia in chalybeate of the aggrandizement in soy.

(2) improves food. In animal sex food, bean curd of hepatic, blood and flesh kind in the content of iron is high, had absorbed. Iron also is contained in yoke. The content of the iron in vegetable is inferior, draw difference, but rich folic acid is contained in fresh green vegetable. Folic acid participates in haemoglobin generate, folic acid lack can cause big cell anemia, also can cause mixture sex anemia. Because this wants to eat the meat of certain amount already kind, bean curd of hepatic, blood, also want edible fresh vegetable. A of rich iron and vitamin is contained already in liver, also have richer folic acid. The vitamin A absorption to iron and use have certain help, eating animal liver every week have profit to preventing anaemia.

(Chalybeate of 3) profess to convinced. To in spend above anaemia, divide improvement outside nutrition, but cure of chalybeate of profess to convinced, acerbity ferrous of if vitriolic ferrous, dextrose is acerbity ferrous, rich horse and dimension blood medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water.

(4) additional folic acid. Pregnancy anaemia is divided take chalybeate beyond, still need to take the folic acid of small dose, daily 400 microgramme. Pregnant woman takes small dose folic acid to be helpful for preventing anaemia not only, still be helpful for preventing congenital nerve to be in charge of deformation and congenital heart disease, but should notice not to want do sth without authorization to increase folic acid dosage.

Woman anaemia divides iron outside inanition, birth control of the buy inside haemorrhage of palace of strength of as overmuch as menstruation still, function, uterus implement, for many times gravid, for many times the element such as abortion is concerned. Infection of helminth of path of chronic enteritis, dyspeptic, malaria, bowel and the chronic infection that include AIDS inside sexual disease, also be the cause that causes anemia. Above disease complements except nutrition outside, must reach a hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment, in order to remove anaemic blame is nutritional element.

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