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The summer prevents darling intestines and stomach unwell wanted to notice this at 6 o’clock!

2015-05-09 01:02:44

Guide language: Burning hot summer, weather of high temperature moisture, a lot of elements can cause an effect to the intestines and stomach of darling. Summertime parents should take care the intestines and stomach of darling. Is summertime darling intestines and stomach unwell how to do? How to prevent darling intestines and stomach unwell? To avoid the happening of this kind of problem, what father mother wants to become good darling is relevant nurse.

The summer appears extremely easily alvine line function is disorder, especially the child with weak constitution, because this parent is in the summer must special attention bewares the child in summertime occurrence bowel the function is disorder problem. Want to avoid the problem of respect of path of darling occurrence bowel, must accomplish the following:

1, the summer is unfavorable ablactation, change milk powder

Because ablactation,the alvine path disease of a lot of darling is and undeserved place is handled to cause when changing milk powder, the expert points out, the summer is the season that ablactations to darling aptly least of all, and this time place contracts some alvine path diseases normally metropolis defer does not heal, the child is easy after be disease of path sufferring from bowel is buried played hidden trouble. What should notice particularly additionally is, must be when feed recipe milk powder inside a month edible is over, and the recipe grandma that installs to a few wants to be in two eat inside week, must not eat the milk that remain on one times to the child.

2, the meal that takes heat of clear hot dispel more

Arrived summertime parent is planning alimental time to the child had better be the meal that can prepare a few Qing Dynasty to heat up dispel heat, and do not want edible as far as possible to the food of flavour of a few fat Gan Hou. At the same time the parent still should let the child drink the habit of water more in summertime nurturance, must not wait feel thirsty when drink water again. Wholesome ten million of food wants to notice, the habit that preserve one’s health absorbs after anteprandial meal is very important, and nurse the cheeper of level to be in for, do not let them have the habit that pacifies nipple.

Should notice sanitation besides dietary respect beyond, the toy that at the same time the child plays at ordinary times and a few daily articles for daily use also must want to undertake periodic is disinfected, such ability reduce the chance of get ill by the mouth from whole side.


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