These 4 kinds of snacks are too bad was careful to feel the world of child _ cate

These 4 kinds of snacks are too bad was careful to kill the child

2016-02-18 17:47:07

Guide language: The child absorbs overmuch snacks to affect its prandial digestive ability not just, and the pigment that contains in a lot of snacks, last the health that the agent waits pair of children a moment is more adverse. As the parent, to when the child chooses snacks, can want careful!

1. gum

Gum already good-looking delicious, get of the child love. In fact, the colloid composition of gum is comprised by balata and plasticizer place, it has certain noxiousness. Because child kidney discharges poisonous function development to still lose, if absorbs overmuch gum to be able to make a large number of toxic substance stay inside body to disturb its metabolization function. Cause abdominal pain from this, hidebound, the disease such as have a poor appetite, so the parent can want very attention.

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