Does darling snacks eat too much? The world of cate of _ of aid digestion of congee of millet of Xianggu mushroom Xi Qin

Does darling snacks eat too much? Aid digestion of congee of millet of Xianggu mushroom Xi Qin

2016-10-19 10:27:00

The sock that darling takes is too much, cause the child very easily hidebound, especially the lack of the vitamin, influence child grows. Congee of millet of Xi Qin of this Xianggu mushroom contains a lot ofprotein, adipose, amino acid, vitamin, cellulose and iron, zinc to wait for a variety of microelement, among them Xianggu mushroom but beneficial enrages filling empty, be good at taste, xi Qin can help aid digestion, embellish bowel is aperient, millet can prevent indigestion, improve Morpheus. So, how should Qin millet congee do this pure and fresh and dye-in-the-wood Xianggu mushroom on the west?

Feed capable person: Xi Qin 20 grams, Xianggu mushroom 2, millet 30 grams.


1. Xi Qin goes Xie Xi is clean, cut Xiaoding, with boiled water summary scald.

2. Xianggu mushroom goes the base of a fruit, abluent, cut Xiaoding.

Cold water is added to be burned inside 3. stockpot, issue millet infusion.

4. is boiled with medium baking temperature go up to millet bead, put Xianggu mushroom Ding Xu to boil.

The boiler on 5. lid is built, turn small fire boils millet sodden, next Xi Qin man are boiled can.

Nutrient Tips:

Xi Qin is tall fibrous greenery, darling ate to be able to help aid digestion, benefit at aperient. Eat celery to darling more, be helpful for alvine path health. Xianggu mushroom contains rich protein, its protein content can be mixed the flesh kind rival, and contain 8 human body is indispensible kinds of amino acid, be absorbed very easily by human body, suit darling edible very much. Xianggu mushroom beneficial enrages filling empty, be good at taste, have the very good effect that fight cancer, the microelement zinc that still contains human body to need, copper, iron, manganese, nickel, chromic, Selenium, germanium. Because this parent should give baby,eat some of Xianggu mushroom more. Millet contains protein, adipose, iron and vitamin to wait, among them what the content of vitamin B1 can amount to rice is severalfold, and contain a lot ofthe amino acid with inorganic salt and indispensible human body, can prevent indigestion, and have improve the function of Morpheus.       

In addition, because children is mixed to the passion of snacks,be used to and not easy and rapid correct, however the necessary nutrition such as the vitamin is the darling in growing cannot be lacked one day however. So, can make sure besides this darling is daily outside the cookbook of vitamin and nutrient demand, parents can choose the nutriment with a few calculable brands to regard the child as the complement of daily nutrition.


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