The puerpera is nourishing should take the world of cate of what food _ most

The puerpera is nourishing should eat what food most

2016-10-21 10:56:54

We know, pregnancy is the most important period in feminine lifetime. Here when, female not only a variety of energy that want compensatory oneself place to need, the healthy growth that is darling even provides nourishment. Accordingly, had eaten to had drunk the main goal that is this period. The food that chooses healthy nutrition is very important, in the times with serious problem of this food safety, what food suits pregnant woman edible most? What to want compensatory nutrition to should eat again? We introduce one by one below.

Brown sugar

Nutrient characteristic: The volume that contain iron is high, enrich the blood to the puerpera.

Nutrition: Contain a variety of microelement and mineral, can diuresis, prevention and cure is postpartum urinary incontinence, stimulative lochia eduction.

The expert reminds: General and drinkable cannot exceed 10 days, time is too long increase lochia of courage and uprightness, and can make in summer the puerpera perspires more and inside body little salt.


Nutrient characteristic: Contain protein rich and utilization rate is high, still contain element of lecithin, yolk to reach a variety of vitamins and mineral, what contain among them is adipose easy be absorbed.

Nutrition: Conduce to puerpera refection. Maintain neurological health.

The expert reminds: Eat 4-6 everyday enough already, overmuch meeting makes protein superfluous and cause other nutrition disease.

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