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Equipment pregnant period, cannot be what dairy produce there is drunk casually?

2017-03-31 13:38:42

More and more husband and wife realize prepotent must from begin before pregnant, because this begins to adjust the health of the body and psychology before pregnant, begin to include milk especially everyday necessary food but the pa Mom of equipment pregnant should take care to have some of dairy produce is cannot long-term and drinkable

Feed edible of guideline proposal consumer 3 times as a result of drink or more second low adipose milk.

Because on one hand dietetics home thinks low adipose milk can reduce heart disease risk, and on the other hand consumer also thinks low adipose milk can carry bodily form. ButIt is the newest research of communal and wholesome department expresses Ha Fo, low adipose milk also can increase edible the woman does not have the risk with egg infecund sex. InDog after studying 18000 married women, chawoluo discovers the nutrient researcher that communal sanitation fastens Ha Fo, be in 3430 cases notIn pregnant woman case, as a result of,having 438 cases among them is woman not oviposit causes. With those already pregnant woman photograph compares discovery, the sex that do not have egg is infecund the woman is long-term edible is low adipose milk products.

Additional, the expert reminds everybody to did not permit mother, should begin before pregnant one year to drink pregnant woman powdered milk.

Life of be pregnant with is very longprocess, not be from oosperm form the grow into useful timber begins merely. Before be pregnant in very long period of time, both sides of husband and wife should prepare, the health of the body, psychology, the recuperation of dietary nutrition, very important. And more important is to prepare pregnant female to want oneself health in order, nutrition is comprehensive, enough, it is be pregnant with the nutriment with fetal indispensible complement, the folic acid that for instance fetal development needs particularly. Pregnant woman milk powder is in abroad to had had a lot of years, yo age female begins to drink pregnant woman powdered milk inside before be pregnant one year commonly, have profit to the child and pregnant woman so.

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