Summer bears hardships be better than takes the world of filling _ cate

Summer bears hardships be better than is entered fill

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Summer bears hardships be better than is entered fill

Intense heat of summer of summertime high temperature, this world enrages Kang Cheng, cause loss of airframe body fluid extremely easily, make population does glossal dry, do not think food, must not force oneself to eat at this moment delicate sweet the big fish big meat of be bored with, take a place instead bitter food instead can be good at lienal appetizing, your appetite soars. Reason has ” summer bears hardships, be better than is entered fill ” say.

Summer bears hardships be better than is entered fill

■ sorching summer, acrid be in power

Place of doctrine of archaic the five elements advocates ” spring much acid, xia Duo is bitter, qiu Duoxin, the winter is much saltier ” have scientific reason quite. And tell from angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, acrid food all belongs to cold cool property, have dry of heat of fire of clear hot have diarrhoea, dispel wet, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid appetizing result, because this suits particularly,be in burning hot summer edible. And the most typical in all and acrid food balsam pear wanting number, in addition still bitter dish, lettuce, dandelion, bitter fourth tea, almond waits. Besides acrid food, eat some of cool sex food, also can rise to mix ” bear hardships ” same function, wait to belong to cool sex vegetable like watermelon, cucumber, wax gourd, muskmelon, tomato, celery, lettuce, can eat appropriately at ordinary times a few.

● balsam pear

Bitter sex of balsam pear flavour is cold, tastily not be bored with, after the person ate, can feel cool and comfortable. Whenever summer, because people is burning hot during thinking food, if do dish assist to feed with balsam pear, OK and appetizing be good at the lienal, clear hot weather that heat up solution; If become cool tea with balsam pear bubble drinkable, also can see heat ease look, make irritated thirsty pauses disappear. Place of folk song of the Hakkas of Guangdong of no less than sings: “The person says balsam pear pain, I say balsam pear of one’s own accord; Choose of Ren Jun of hardships and difficulties, not bitter where has sweet. Not bitter where has sweet..

According to determining, the protein that contains in balsam pear, adipose, carbohydrate, vitamin, in melon kind it is taller in vegetable. Especially the content of vitamin C is as high as 84 milligram in every 100 grams, be wax gourd about 5 times, of towel gourd 10 times, of cucumber 14 times, 21 times of pumpkin, house melon kind coronal. Balsam pear is vegetable in exclusive with ” suffering ” and the melon and fruit that has distinguishing feature alone dish, the acrid element that its contain can stimulate appetite, stomachic, will how many years regard the fine of summer as greens all the time, get of people love.

Balsam pear is greens of a kind of beautiful not only, also be blindly fine medicine. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, balsam pear has Qing Xie to heat up, explain fatigue lack, qing Xinming looks, beneficial insults Zhuangyang’s work. With it remedial stomach heats up painful, damp and hot the disease such as diarrhoea of dysenteric, vomiting and hematuria is very effective. In recent years, scientists consider to return discovery, the material of similar insulin is contained in balsam pear- – balsam pear glucoside, have fall apparently blood sugar action, it is the food of diabetic ideal; The quinine with extremely bitter taste is contained in balsam pear, can control the temperature center of excessive excitement, remove solution to heat up action, and have distinct curative effect to malaria.

Balsam pear taste is bitter, it is when cook reduce acrid, can dissection balsam pear first, salt moment, fry next feed, can reduce already so acrid, make balsam pear emerald green green, still can the oxalic acid inside purify, and gust still is put; Perhaps dissection balsam pear first, put leach bubble moment, again fish out is cooked, also can make acrid greatly abate. Of balsam pear feed a law a lot of, decoct, stir-fry before stewing, burn, fry, mix, maigre or meat or fish eats, relaxed and goluptious, be like bitter You Tian, the cate of go with rice of the solid wine that it is assist.

Summer bears hardships be better than is entered fill

● suffers from dish

Bitter dish is our country people the earliest edible and one of officinal potherb, this can find confirm in the everywhere in ancient books. In ” · of wind of Bin of The Book of Songs in July ” have ” Chu of the firewood that collect tea, feed my farmer ” line. And the day of midsummer bears hardships dish is folk eats convention best-knownly more, “Wind blow, bitter course is long, desolate sands wild country is barn ” .

Bitter dish all has in our country each district grow, have the big build of a thick Miao Zhuang, the tender young plant that also has fine leaf is small, our country folk did not distinguish too much to sufferring from dish, but because of its breed differs, taste also has difference. As feed capable person, chef also is to sufferring from dish its treat as the same, but the part that enters food in order to suffer from dish, mostly nothing more than dish of chicory, bitter Ju, bitter Mai dish, hard 45 breed such as dish.

Motherland medicine thinks, cold taste of bitter dish sex is bitter, can clear hot cool blood, set one’s mind at beneficial is angry, alexipharmic bright eye… contemporary dietetics considers to make clear, bitter dish contains a lot ofa variety of nurture such as protein, carotene, crude fibre, calcic, phosphor, iron to pledge, hungry can become grain, be eaten together with rice or bread of flourishing age appropriate, fish and vegetable dishes of wild vegetables of since the daily life of a family, the fine that is summertime dietotherapy preserve one’s health is tasted.

Bitter dish is fresh and tender bright is fragile, itself taste is bitter faint scent recalls Gan Tian. If like not quite acrid, can pass bitter course water purify first acrid, after that again cold and dressed with sause is eaten raw, experience the unique flavor of the Gan Tian in suffering. Break new garlic mud, join agitate of balm, vinegar, salt to leave, irrigate mix to fresh and tender bitter dish leaf divide evenly eats, ringing tastily, acerbity hot delicacy is sweet, come again a bottle of iced beer, burning hot in appear a heart to the person cool and refreshing, good in a bad mood is fast. Bitter food cooked food can be fried can burn, match with muscle of bean curd, beans, fry make perfectly clean, mouthfeel is exquisite, it is the cate of heat of clear hot need. Bitter dish changes a knife after water too, can do noodle to distribute food already, also can mix directly do zygote of dish of dish doughboy, decoct into the face, dumpling of steamed stuffed bun of the bag that do stuffing, bag also have not cannot.

Summer bears hardships be better than is entered fill

● lettuce

Lettuce, call dish of asparagus lettuce, a thousand pieces of gold to wait again. The Dai Taogu that occupy the Song Dynasty ” Qing Yilu ” account: “Guo Guo emissary comes Chinese, sui Ren gets colza, of fulfil very thick, friend name dish of a thousand pieces of gold, today asparagus lettuce also. ” Li Shizhen says: “Wo dish comes from Guo country, friend name. Friend name..

Lettuce flesh qualitative whiteness is exquisite, contain rich nutrition. According to the analysis, lettuce of every 100 grams contains protein 0.6 grams, adipose 0.1 grams, carbohydrate 1.9 grams, calcic 7 milligram, phosphor 31 milligram, iron 2 milligram, still contain a variety of vitamins. And the nutrient value of its leaf is higher, calcium is contained to be able to amount to 110 milligram in every 100 grams, it is 15.6 times of the bine about; Carotene 2.24 milligram, it is 112 times of the bine about; Vitamin C31 milligram, it is 31 times of the bine about.

Lettuce sex cool taste is bitter, cold drinks and snacks but benefit the five internal organs, connect passages through which vital energy circulates, open pectoral midriff, benefit is angry, firm bones and muscles, go tone, white tooth, bright eye looks, connect galactic, benefit pee, and disappear is fed, kill snake venom of bug, solution to wait. Value of lettuce leaf nutrition is very high, cannot conveniently abandons, but its scald hind is joined flavor spice cold and dressed with sause and feed, or had bloated insolation mixes with balm steamed wheaten foods; Or put salt slightly, mix panada, feed with deepfry, it is very zestful cate. But adopt no matter why to plant have a way, cook lettuce wants with Dan Weigui, cannot put salt overmuch, too salty a flavour is evil.

In addition, but clear heat falls igneous vegetable still has watermelon, cucumber, towel gourd, wax gourd, muskmelon, tomato, celery, lettuce to wait, can wear alternately in the summer eat appropriately some.

■ eat ” suffering ” be not everybody all appropriate

Midsummer ” bear hardships ” have exquisite. Bad to summertime appetite person will tell, acrid alimental truly can be good at lienal appetizing. But overweight acrid or eat acrid food overmuch, also can cause gastric ministry the side-effect such as unwell, disgusting, vomiting or have loose bowels, eat acrid food to want so right amount, because of,want person, because of surroundings different.

Summer eats ” suffering ” should decide according to individual constitution and surroundings, impersonal person all appropriate. If be in the weather with torrid high temperature, but proper much ” bear hardships ” , heat up dispel heat with Qing Dynasty, tastily appetizing; And wait for little below environment of office air conditioning sweater for long, on food proper ” add laborious ” it is certain to raise this world to have to travel gas benefit. In heat wet relatively flourishing weather, eat bit of acrid vegetable, conduce to change except the Shi Xie inside human body; But the person that have solid heat, be enlightened eats balsam pear to come too when clear heat relieves inflammation or internal heat, had better be to cut chip cold and dressed with sause to wear eat, this kind of practice is close to raw ingredient of Yu Yuan juice more, can produce dietotherapy effect better.

Acrid vegetable is belonged to mostly cold cool matter, have certain stimulative effect to gastric bowel path, take food to cause gastric ministry easily too much the side-effect such as unwell, disgusting, vomiting or have loose bowels, accordingly, digestive function is bad, easy the person of diarrhoea is unfavorable eat balsam pear and watermelon more; Abdomen of the old people with infirm constitution and taste Xu Han, Wan is cold the patient of discharge of jalf congealed of painful, defecate is unfavorable also edible, can accentuate otherwise illness; Additional, the taste function development of children is still diseased, edible of unfavorable also and overmuch ground is acrid food.

■ different acrid food wants distinction to treat

Alleged ” acrid food ” because be contained in food,be certain bitter chemical composition, acrid depend on this. What place of a little acrid food contains is good to human body acrid and chemical part, if the balsam pear glucoside in balsam pear has,fall the action of blood sugar, the celery glucoside in celery has fall blood pressure action, the alkaloid in tea and much phenol kind material has life-giving and fight oxidation to wait, right amount ground takes food beneficial to human body.

But what some acrid food contain is toxic to human body chemical substance, for example immature muskmelon melon the base of a fruit and root ministry are bitter, what what contain is to have bitter muskmelon toxin, once edible can cause stomach-ache, vomiting, diarrhoea, serious person can endanger life, clinical go up to be fed with respect to Ceng Youjin cause toxic cover. Additional, bitter almond also cannot eat, because glucoside of among them bitter almond is below acid and enzymatic action,meeting hydrolyze is virulent hydrocyanic acid, cause virulent poisoning, need edible of the ability after proper treatment.

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